On September 1, 2010 , Richie Smith's dream became a reality. He was presented with the opportunity to purchase Oak Grove Nursing Home by long-term owners Dan and Lois Fells.

Richie quickly recognized that this facility was special and he could feel the warmth and "family atmosphere" the very first time he walked into the facility. After becoming acquainted with the Fell's family and the staff at Oak Grove, Richie quickly realized he was home.

The dream to own and operate a nursing facility that would allow him to focus closely on the care of his residents had finally come to fruition.

Richie began his long-term care career in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is a graduate of Louisiana State University and Parkview Baptist High School. Richie is a licensed Louisiana and Texas Nursing Facility Administrator. He directed multiple longterm care facilities, worked as a long-term care consultant and also as a corporate director for a regional healthcare consortium.